Creating a world of fashion

At NÜ, we want to be seen as 'inspiring stylists' for women who want to stand out in an edgy, sophisticated and feminine way. We are confident about what we do and enjoy sharing our knowledge with our customers. We want to build trust in our brand and act as your guide in the world of fashion and style.

The story of NÜ

The fashion brand NÜ was first introduced in Denmark in 1997. Our dream was to create a world of sophisticated, edgy and feminine fashion with the strong and style-conscious woman in mind.

Our vision for NÜ’ has always remained clear: We want to create luxurious quality fashion that has a raw, feminine and sophisticated simplicity; we want to run a healthy company with happy employees; and we want to be socially responsible with a focus on ethical production and good working conditions.

NÜ quickly became a sought-after brand, with collections sold in leading fashion retailers throughout Europe, Canada, the US and Australia.

You can always find our latest items online.


NÜ products

At NÜ, we launch six collections a year, comprising a total of 800 new styles. Each collection consists of complete outfits of trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets, tops, knitwear, leather and accessories.

NÜ styles are designed to stand out without being loud. The essence of NÜ is high-quality fashion made from luxurious materials such as viscose, lyocell, cotton, silk, wool and leather, embellished with handmade prints and embroidery. Exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful details are the core of every item of clothing we design. The combination of raw masculinity, feminine sensuality, rock 'n' roll vibes and attention to detail is what forms the unique DNA that makes NÜ stand out.

NÜ head office

Our unique 4,700-sqm head office is located at Neptunvej 18, 8960 Randers, where we employ 40 brilliantly talented employees. All support functions are performed in-house: design, construction, fitting, sales, buying, stock, customer service, finance, administration, marketing and social media.

The head office also houses showrooms, meeting rooms, a quiet room and a wonderful canteen.

A better tomorrow

The fashion industry is undergoing intense development, which means that we are constantly exploring new ways to improve our practices with our business partners.

Every day we strive to act, develop, acquire, design and produce responsibly so that we can move towards a better future for our planet.

We work closely with our suppliers and business partners to increase recycling and to improve sustainability throughout our supply chain – and we do this to create a better tomorrow.