Nü is a company that is conscious of its ethical responsibility to both people and nature. As a company, nü and its employees want to appear accountable for their actions and we expect and demand the same from our suppliers. We recognize that culture and law varies from country to country, which means that our suppliers operate under different conditions.

We attach great importance, however, that manufacturing is done in a responsible manner by adults who work in good conditions and are treated with respect.
Our production is based on long-term relationships with our suppliers, and it means we have considerable insight into conditions at factories. In collaboration with The Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, we have developed an ethical code – a Code of Conduct – which includes the minimum standards we demand of our suppliers and working conditions at their factories. This Code of Conduct covers areas such as rules for child labor, employee rights, working hours and safety. We conduct regular audits to ensure that our contractual agreements are met.

Our Code of Conduct is not a guarantee. But we can guarantee that we are aware of our responsibility and that we are continually working to improve conditions among our partners.

Download our Code of Conduct